How to sync iPad 2 to iTunes?
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How to sync iPad 2 to iTunes?

May 29, 2013 2:20 pm / Posted by to iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch
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Have you ever gotten an iPad 2? How much do you know about it? Do you know how to sync iPad 2 to iTunes? This article will show you the step by step guide about sync ipad 2 files to itunes.

When you first receive your new iPad 2, Apple requires that you use iTunes to activate the device. So you mush have know something about iTunes and iPad2. There are many advantages to syncing your iPad 2 data with iTunes.

You can sync and backed up all of your Music, Movies, TV Shows, Games and apps downloaded from the App Store, Music videos, Podcasts, Books and audiobooks, iTunes U collections, Photos and videos, Contacts, CalendarsNotes, Email account settings, Webpage bookmarks, Podcasts, Books and Audio Books.

The guide below is about how to sync iPad 2 files to iTunes.

Now you can Sync your Apple ipad 2 with iTunes, you need to Download latest version of iTunes to sync ipad 2.

Step 1: Download latest Version of iTunes.

Step 2: Connect your ipad 2 with PC or laptop, then run iTunes.

Step 3: Pick up iPad 2 in the iTunes option sidebar.

Step 4: Follow the onscreen instructions in iTunes to register iPad and Decide what data you want your iPad to sync with the iTunes.

Tips: Sync iPad with video and other content from your iTunes library, and with your contacts, calendars, and bookmarks on your computer..

Step 5: In the Set Up Your iPad screen, select Automatically sync contacts etc to have those items sync automatically when you connect iPad to your computer.

sync ipad2 with itunes

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