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Convert/export Apple Pages to Microsoft Word

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Apple computers come with Mac OSX. This operating system has a word processing package called Pages. When you create and save a file in this word processor, the default setting saves the file as a Pages file. Pages documents are not compatible with other applications, such as Microsoft Word.

You can find many similar questions from Yahoo answers:

Q1: I tried to email a Pages document to a PC with Word. When the PC tried to open it, the document was nothing but gibberish. I tried to save it as a .doc on the Apple (example.doc) but it said that I had either use .pages or both, what is the best format to save a document so that it will be compatible for both Pages and Word?

Q2: I've created my resume on Pages. A lot of online job postings require resume's to be emailed in a Microsoft word ".doc format". Is there anyway to do this without purchasing the Microsoft Word software? Any info on this will help me!

Q3: One of our students brought in his report in a .pages format. .pages appears to be from the Apple program Pages, part of the iWorks suite. We have no Macs on campus and so the student can't open the file to print it out for his teacher. The kid is freaking out. Can anyone recommend a convertor that will convert this file from .pages to .doc, .txt, .rtf?

Solution: You can, however, convert a Pages document in the Pages application itself. You can export/convert a Pages document into a Microsoft Word ".doc format", as well as PDF, RTF, or plain text document.

Here simple step to convert/export Apple pages to Word

Step1: Open the Pages document in the Pages application. Double-click the document and it should launch in Pages.

Step 2: Click "File > Export". This will open a dialog box that presents you with the possible output formats.

mac pages file export

Step 3: Select an output document format. Again, the possible formats include PDF, Microsoft Word document, RTF, or plain text document.

mac pages to word

Step 4: Rename the document if you want to change the name. This is a good idea so you can differentiate the original from the converted file.

Step 5: Select an output destination by selecting a folder where you would like the exported document saved.

save as doc

Step 6: Click the "Export" button. The file will be saved as the document that you specified.

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