How to convert SWF or FLV to QuickTime for Mac
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How to convert SWF or FLV to QuickTime for Mac

May 29, 2013 2:20 pm / Posted by to Web Tips and Tricks
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Friends use Adobe flash usually hope to convert flash SWF, FLV to QuickTime, what situations are needed for this?

1. "I would like to know how to convert swf or flv files to Quicktime. It's been quite frustrating. Any help would be appreciated. "
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2. "Hi, I'm using Adobe Flash C3 Ver. 9.0 and need to convert either a .swf file or a .flv file to get it into Final Cut, (probably to quicktime right?). I am inexperienced with the program and can't seem to get it to work. Little help?"
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3. Hello everyone, I've got a few flash animations that I'm using for teaching, and I can play them using the flash player, but I'd rather be able to insert them into my Keynote slides as quicktime movies.
Unfortunately, I can't convert them using iMovie, or GraphicConverter, and my googling has turned up only windows applications for converting between these formats. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks
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So the main reason why we need to convert flash to QuickTime is to get wider playing; edit on iMovie, FCP; used in Myspace, Facebook, private blog for demonstration, used for teaching and public lecture demonstration

Here we get to the point directly-------how to convert FLV to QuickTime:

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Part 1: How to convert FLV to QuickTime. (Lion included)
Free download and run FLV to QuickTime Converter for Mac.

Step 1: Import flash FLV to the program by clicking "Add".

add flash flv

Step 2: Choose QuickTime MOV.

quicktime mov

Step 3: Click "Start" button to begin convert FLV to QuickTime MOV.

Part 2: How to convert SWF to QuickTime, as for SWF, we offer special SWF to QuickTime Converter which enables you import SWF from PC hard drive or download SWF on-line you can free download professional SWF to QuickTime Converter for Mac.

grab swf file

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