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Top 10 Popular and Cool Games for Your Nexus 7

December 23, 2013 6:41 pm / Posted by to Tablet PCs
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Want to do more with your Nexus 7 when you are free and bored? Playing games will give you hours of fun and Nexus 7 was an ideal device for gaming. You will be thrilled with its vivid HD big-screen display, and super fast speed with its quad-core Tegra 3 processor. Everything is smooth and amazing in your hand!

You cannot install every cool game on your 8GB/16GB tablet, and there are plenty of games (over 600,000 apps and games) available on Google Play, so you need to be a bit choosy, and I am here to help. Below is a list of top 10 games for Google Nexus 7 tablet:

1. Dungeon Hunter 3
Dungeon Hunter 3 is not quite the action RPG; you can choose one character from four classes and fight in 16 different arenas, gaining experience points and unlocking over 1,000 items along the way. Motion blur and dynamic particle effects make the arenas look sharp on the Nexus 7.
Download Dungeon Hunter 3 from Google Play for free.

Dungeon Hunter 3

2. Galaxy on Fire 2 THD
Galaxy on Fire 2 THD, features over 100 space stations and 30 customizable space ships, is great for a pirate to hone the space-mercenary skills over 20 solar systems and mine asteroids. It plays beautifully on 1280*800 high resolution Nexus 7 screen.
Download Galaxy on Fire 2 THD from Google Play for free.

galaxy on fire 2 thd

3. Minecraft Pocket Edition
Play Minecraft on a bigger screen? It works really smooth on the Nexus 7, with very fast frame rates and more screen real estate. Build anything you want with 36 different kinds of blocks, hook up with friends, and save multi-player worlds directly on the Nexus 7.
Download Minecraft Pocket Edition from Google Play for $6.99.

minecraft pocket edition

4. Oregon Trail: Settler
Settle down on the American frontier in 1843. This newly-optimized game for the Nexus 7 features sharp, well-drawn graphics and compelling game play that sucks you in right at the start, and the latest version looks fantastic on the Nexus 7's screen.
Download Oregon Trail Settle from Google Play for free.

oregon trail settler

5. Riptide GP
Racing a jet-ski with real world physics, insane jumps and stunts, and amazing graphics is what you've got here. You cruise through the various tracks, and notice the high-quality reflections and game tiles, then hit the turbo-boost to get one of the best speed effects ever on a handheld. It's great to play it on a massive 7-inch screen for Nexus 7.
Grab Riptide GP from Google Play for $1.99.

riptide gp

6. MiniSquadron!
MiniSquadron!, a cool game, is popular for its over 50 planes to unlock, gorgeous backgrounds, and great controls. You're a crack pilot in the dogfight or your life, with a seemingly endless supply of foes. Fly through them, keeping yourself away from the hazards on the ground, and take them out with your weapons.
Grab MiniSquadron from Google Play for $2.99.


7. Plants vs. Zombies
Braaaiiiins! The popular PC game from PopCap is a joy to play on the Nexus 7, and a great way to break the fast pace of some of the others on my list. Protect your yard from the hoard of undead, by strategically planting flowers to kill them. Any game where flowers and veggies shoot to kill gets an A in my book and the mini-games that go along with the story line make this one another must have.
Download Plants vs. Zombies from Google Play for $2.99.

plants vs zombies

8. Sprinkle
Looking for a physics-based puzzler? Sprinkle, similar to the Angry Birds, is a great choice. Water can't mounted on a crane is your weapon, and your duty is to drown the fires before the homes are set ablaze. It gets more challenging as things progress, have fun!
Download Sprinkle from Google Play for $1.99.


9. ShadowGun THD
If you like shooting games, ShadowGun THD is the best one. You play as Bruce Willis John Slade, the galaxy's best bounty hunter. Your quarry is Dr. Edgar Simon, who happens to have an army of mutants and cyborgs at his disposal. Work your way through his fortress, and marvel at the console quality textures and game physics. The HD version looks super cool on Nexus 7.
Find ShadowGun THD in Google Play for $4.99.

Shadowgun THD

10. The Dark Knight Rises
This popular cool game is recently launched by Game Loft, and it is inspired by the movie 'The Dark Knight Rises' which broke all records. This massive game will occupy almost 2GB of your tablet's storage. But you're supposed to save Gotham City and enjoy the game on Nexus 7.
Download The Dark Knight Rises from Google Play for $6.99.

The Dark Knight Rises

Beside these awesome games, there are a lot more, like Max Payne Mobile, Fruit Ninja THD, Dead Trigger, Real Racing 2 HD and NOVA3, etc. Just too many to list, you can explore them on Google Play if you like.

Tips: In addition to playing games, you can watch movies on Nexus 7 to kill your time, but the Nexus 7 natively supports only a few video formats like H.263, H.264 AVC, MPEG-4 and VP8, you will need a professional movie or video converter for Nexus 7.

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