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How to Convert Any Video to Sony Xperia Z1 for Enjoying

October 9, 2013 4:31 pm / Posted by to Mobile Phones & Game Consoles
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There is nothing best but better in the mushroom developing mobile handset world. Several months ago, Sony prided itself in the Xperia Z smartphone which was a hot cake on the market. Now, Sony decided to continue the good work by launching the latest flagship Android offering called Xperia Z1. If you think the Z1 simply follows the Xperia lineup name, takes on a similar 5-inch big screen with Full HD resolution and then repeats, you'd be wrong. Actually, there are some subtle-but-important improvements. Apart from anything else, its Triluminous display promises more stunning video quality with better and sharper colours.


Although the Z1 has got some enhancements in the software, its video playback capability remains the same as its predecessors like Xperia Z and ZL. In simple words, it supports only few video formats, i.e. MP4. The poor format compatibility means that lots of videos in other formats(MKV/MOV/FLV, etc.) are rejected by the Xperia Z1. If you do want to play videos on Sony Xperia Z1 without format bothering, an almighty Xperia Z1 Video Converter would be indispensable. Only by transcoding the unacceptable video to Xperia Z1-friendly format like MP4, we can play videos on Sony Xperia Z1 without any trouble caused by format issue. The only hesitation would be this: how to convert video to Xperia Z1 MP4 then? That's exactly what this passage is written. Let's come to have a look at the demonstration as below:

Ah, but wait. Before we start to convert video to Xperia Z1 MP4, please make sure that you have downloaded the Xperia Z1 video converter, installed and run it. The conversion below is based on Mac platform, and a trial version of Mac Xperia Z1 video converter is specially offered to Mac users here.

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Add Source Video Files to the Converter

This is a very simple step. You just need to click the "Add Files" button on the tool bar and load your source video files. Or, you can select the videos and drag them into the program directly. The added files will be displayed in the interface clearly. You can delete any file or adjust their sequences if needed.

add file


Set Appropriate Output Format for the Xperia Z1

A format list will appear when you single click the "Profile" button, then, browse the list from the top down and choose "Android Phone" > "Sony Xperia Z(*.mp4)" as the output format. By the way, you can hit the "Setting"" button to customize the output video resolution, frame rate, bitrate, etc as per your requirement.

set output format


Begin to Convert Source Video to Xperia Z1 MP4 Format

As you might expect, you can polish the source video files and make them more stunning. The three buttons "Trim", "Split", "Edit" and "3D" are able to help you get the work done. If you are curious to know about them in detail, just feel free to explore by yourself. But that's not the end of the conversion. If you find everything is perfect, please hit the "Start" button and get the conversion started. The program will take good care of the rest job for you. When the conversion finishes, the converted video files will be saved in the location you have specified before. You cannot miss it.


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