How to Trim Flip Videos on Mac
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How to Trim Flip Videos on Mac

November 19, 2013 6:31 pm / Posted by to Cameras/Camcorders
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The creation of the flip video camcorder serves the needs of users that demand quick creation of video clips that can easily be shared. Most Apple software does not accept .MP4 flip video format and this creates a problem when trying to trim flip video on Mac. Doremisoft software solves this problem for Mac OS users with the release of the Mac Video Editor. This allows a user to easily cut flip video length during editing and export to many popular video formats.

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How to Trim Flip Video on Mac with Flip Video Trimmer for Mac

Step 1: Download the Doremisoft Flip Video Converter Mac software to your computer and register for the full version. The installation is easy to complete and will allow you to trim flip video fast.


Step 3: To cut flip video length with the software, there are right and left pointer arrows that determine the start and end point of each video clip. Move the right and left arrows to the desired location in the clip and click the OK button to mark each of the start and end points. This instantly trims the clip.

trim Flip videos on Mac

Step 4: You can also trim the frame portion of the flip video. This reduces the playback frame of the video clip. The crop markers are located on the left hand portion of the control panel. The top, left, bottom, and side of each video frame can be cropped to reduce the size of the flip video. This is a popular feature with Mac OS users. You can also edit video effects or apply a special effect to your flip video.

crop Flip videos on Mac

Step 5: After setting the locations to trim flip video on Mac, the output file type and location should be selected. Click in the Profile box to select the type of video file to be used for export. The Flip Video Converter for Mac software includes many popular video types. Set the output folder by clicking the Browse button and choose your desired output folder. The trimmed file will be stored here. After your trimmed flip video is ready to be saved and exported, click the Save button in the lower right portion of the control panel to complete the process.

export video

Video Editor for Mac

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