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Panasonic HDC TM-900 review

November 19, 2013 6:31 pm / Posted by to Cameras/Camcorders
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Panasonic's camcorders have topped our list for video making enthusiasts for a couple of years now, The HDC-TM900 High Definition Camcorder is a high-end HD offering from Panasonic. Right off the bat a few of the camera's most desirable features include: 1920 x 1080/24p recording, a 32GB internal flash memory, an SD memory card slot, the option to record in 3D, and a quality image sensor system. These features alone give you detailed, beautiful images, a plethora of recording space, and the ability to shoot fun and unique movies in 3D with an optional lens.

The Panasonic HDC-TM900 is the successor to the lauded HDC-TM700, our pick for Camcorder of the Year in 2010. The TM900 offers the same fantastic video performance as its predecessor, particularly with its widely-praised 1080/60p mode, but Panasonic didn't improve on much else. It has a slightly larger LCD and a few extra touch screen features, that's about it.

panasonic hdc tm900

Let's take a closer look at the 3MOS system and 1080/60p recording. Panasonic's proprietary '3MOS' is a 3 sensor CMOS that adds up to 9.15MP (3 x 3.05MP). These sensors work together with another Panasonic technology, Crystal Engine PRO. This engine is a fast processor which writes those gigantic HD files to the HDD or SD card quickly and efficiently. It also allows for high-res zooming when exceeding the optical range. In addition, the engine works to reduce image noise, rendering beautiful, like-like images. These two work together to produce 1080/60p footage.

Panasonic HDC TM-900 highlights

1920 x 1080/24p HD
3D Recording with Optional VW-CLT1 Lens
32GB Built-In Memory
SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Card Slot
3 x 3.05MP 1/4.1" 3MOS Sensor
3.5" Touch Screen LCD Display & EFV
35mm Wide-Angle Lens
20x Intelligent Zoom
HYBRID Optical Image Stabilization
14.2MP Digital Still Capture

Panasonic HDC TM-900 Review

After searching following the best video camera, I think I found it. For two months I dig any Web site, YouTube, reviews and try to compare between the TM900 and the Canon Vixia HFS21 and I decided that I buy the Panasonic TM900 wake of the audit crazy about her.

1. The camera is able to release crazy video! I am very strict on careful observation and the video is just amazing. I usually takes at 17MBPS this quality provides me a lot (and there are again reminded that I am very fussy) colors just amazing.

2. Remember - the highest quality 1920x1080 Progresive is 28Mbps providing a sharp image 2 times more. But only a powerful computer can run this kind of file (at least 4GB of memory and processor i3or connect to TV and watch the video without low frame rate.

3. About the fan noise issue I'm not going to expand because it really does not bother me and did not know about it until I heard about it in various forums.

4. The big surprise - an amazing picture, I did not know cameras, except DSLR, that produces an image at that level, zoom, lighting, this makes the camera device at the highest level in the bigs. Bottom line This fully professional camera, it is not suitable for beginners or small family photographs such cameras a lot and have a much lower price. The TM900 is a camera that suits those who want a little more from a camera at home. Think good if you need such a powerful device camera or settle for a reasonable price of [$].I am very pleased with it is just for people like me pay attention to detail.

5. The Video quality is excellent even though it doesn't let you have to much control over the settings. The only problem which I had read in other reviews is the fan hum the microphone picks up. It's not to bad and can easily be removed with noise reduction software. I purchased this to do commercials for small businesses for TV and web and its perfect for this even though the audio is not the greatest.

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The HDC-TM900 is Panasonic's best Full-HD 3MOS camcorder to date. With image quality that rivals professional video equipment and further advancements on last year's HDC-TM700, the HDC-TM900 not only has that added wow-factor and future-proofing with its 3D video shooting capability, but its ability to capture amazing 2D videos intuitively with a large touch-screen LCD shouldn't be underestimated. Overall, Panasonic's HDC-TM900 is the best sub-£1,000 camcorder available and is sure to help bring your corporate videos to life, in the enjoyment process, video format unsupported may be raised that Panasonic HDC TM-900 AVCHD video don't supported by Apple editing application and portable devices, right now, Mac Panasonic HDC TM-900 video converter is a good choice to convert Panasonic HDC TM-900 video to iMovie, FCP, FCE, Adobe Premiere and portable devices such as iPad2, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Samsung Galaxy S2 and BlackBerry Torch 9850, 9860 Smartphone.

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