How to merge flip videos on Mac
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How to merge flip videos on Mac

May 29, 2013 2:20 pm / Posted by to Cameras/Camcorders
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One of the most popular ways to use online video is to create video from multiple sources and combine the Flip Video clips into one video. Apple users now have a way to merge flip videos on Mac. The Doremisoft Flip Video Merger Mac software is used to combine multiple Flip Video clips into a single distributable file. This makes it easy to edit and share videos on the Internet much faster without the need for editing software.

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How to Merge Multiple Flip Videos on Mac OS X with Flip Video Joiner Mac

Step 1: Download the Doremisoft Flip Video Merger Mac software to begin the merging of video files. The software is easy to download and can be installed and configured within minutes.

mac video editor

Step 2: Before merging can take place, the videos must be located in a folder on your computer or portable device. Begin by clicking the Add File button at the top left portion of the control panel. Simply search for your file and add the file into the software to begin the flip video merger Mac.

add files

After the files are loaded, the software should display the files in the right hand pane of the control panel. The merge flip videos on Mac process actually happens with a simple check box that is selected in the control panel. Check the Merge into on file box and this will prepare the software.

Step 3: Each video can be trimmed to include your desired section that will be used for the merger. The slider arrows are used to select the beginning and end of each clip. These mark the time frame and allow the clip to be trimmed. When the markers are in the desired position, click OK for the start and end time of the video. This step should be completed for each video that needs to be trimmed before the flip video merger can take place.

trim Flip videos on Mac

Step 4: After the clips have start and end locations and have been edited, the next step is to select the type of outputted video and location where it will be stored on your computer. Click the Profile button to select the video file that you need for distribution. Click Browse button to select your output folder.

set output format

Step 5: To start the merging process, begin by clicking the Save button. Now you can easily merge multiple Flip videos on Mac without additional effort. This makes it easy to share your merged flip videos with the Internet world.

export video

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