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Comparision among Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Pro replacement

December 9, 2013 12:00 pm / Posted by to Video Editing
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I'm trying to make a decision on which editing software to use.Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro or some other better ones. Can someone convince me why APP, would be better than FCP? What's the advantages for a marketing company wanting to take this in-house for some production work.

Personally, I'd go with Adobe, but there are some main differences between them,now let' take a look at in details:

1. Final Cut Pro vs Doremisoft Movie editor
Both Final Cut Pro and Doremisoft Movie editor for Mac have some very similar editing jobs like Crop, trim, split, cut, apply effect etc to personalize you own videos.

Final Cut Pro come in each suite which comes bundles with lots of plugins, while Doremisoft Movie editor is one standalone programme runs perfectly without any other software downloaded, meanwhile, Doremisoft Movie editor also provides the videos conversion that covnert different video formats to the edting software, of course,it have the basic editing function itself which help you to edit,convert and creat your videos freely and easily.

2. Final Cut Pro vs Sony Vegas
Final Cut Pro and Sony Vegas are awesome video editing softwares.while there are pros and cons to each, especially considering stylistic differences

Sony Vegas is not an industry standard. but a powerful, awesome NLE (non-linear editor, or video editing software). Vegas has some features that other more "professional" editors don't, and some people swear that Vegas wins over Avid and Final Cut Pro... But it isn't a standard, and many studios will pass you over if that's your only expertise.

FCP is awesome. I use it, personally. I prefer it to Vegas but have VERY little experience using Vegas; I just don't like the Vegas interface. I also prefer the Mac OS. FCP is an industry standard, and

3. Final Cut Pro vs Adobe Premiere Pro
Final Cut Studio and Creative Suite Production Premium have very similar tools sets. There are two main differences that I see between them though, one is in the programs in the suite and the other is in regard to the way the video editing programs handle different video formats and codecs.

Final Cut pro chooses to use an intermediary codec to handle different media. Final Cut Studio includes programs that edit video, create graphics, edit sound, high-end color grading, and program devoted to compression. Also, After Effects works fine with Final Cut, but you can also use Motion, which is Apple's motion graphics program.

The other major difference is in the programs that   come in each suite. With the exception of video editing and color grading, Adobe offers a much stronger line of products. Adobe software is the industry standard for both the creation of graphics and animation. The Adobe suite comes with After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop and Flash. Each one of these is an industry icon in it's own right.

Which one video editing software to choose, according to your own desired needs. What are you shooting? What do you want to do in post production? How do you want to deliver? Once all the questions are answered, you are able to direct yourself down the right path.

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