How to Convert and Edit Sony HDR AVCHD video on Mac OS X
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How to Convert and Edit Sony HDR AVCHD video on Mac OS X

May 29, 2013 2:20 pm / Posted by to Cameras/Camcorders
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According to iMovie'09: Camcorder Support, the following Sony HDR AVCHD camcorders models are supported well by iMovie'09 on Mac:

Sony HDR-XR100Sony HDR-XR101Sony HDR-XR150Sony HDR-XR200
Sony HDR-XR200VSony HDR-XR350Sony HDR-XR350VSony HDR-XR500
Sony HDR-XR500VSony HDR-XR520Sony HDR-XR520VSony HDR-XR550
Sony HDR-XR550VSony HDR-CX110Sony HDR-CX120Sony HDR-CX150
Sony HDR-CX170Sony HDR-CX300Sony HDR-CX350Sony HDR-CX350V
Sony HDR-CX370VSony HDR-XR100ESony HDR-XR106ESony HDR-XR105E
Sony HDR-XR150ESony HDR-XR155ESony HDR-XR200ESony HDR-XR350E
Sony HDR-XR500ESony HDR-XR520ESony HDR-XR200VESony HDR-XR350VE
Sony HDR-XR500VESony HDR-XR520VESony HDR-XR550VSony HDR-XR550VE

Therefore if your Sony Handycam HDR Video Camcorder is included in the above list, please follow the tutorial on "How to import movies to a Macintosh computer using iMovie'09".

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However if your Sony HDR AVCHD Camcorder is not contained in, please go ahead. As other Sony HDR Video Camcorders, you will come to these problems when you import camcorder movies into Mac:
1. With video stabilization limitations(the most common problem)
2. Requires Mac OS X Leopard v10.5 or later...

So How to solve these problem to import movie into Mac from Sony HDR AVCHD Camcorders? No worry. Doremisoft Sony HDR Video Converter for Mac will get rid of this to get Sony HDR Video into Mac for editing with iMovie, FCP, FCE easily. Sony HDR Video Converter Mac can convert Sony HDR AVCHD video on Mac OS X to many popular video formats like MOV, MPEG, MP4, DV, 3GP and so on, common multimedia portable players, such as iPhone, iPod, Creative zen, Sansa, etc. Besides, Mac Sony HDR Converter can convert Sony HDR AVCHD video to Mac compatible video formats for iMovie, FCE, FCP, Quicktime Player, iTunes and iDVD for editing, playbacking and DVD burning. The following picture shows you how to do Sony HDR video to Mac conversion easily with 3 steps.


Doremisoft Sony HDR Video to Mac Converter is also a good Sony HDR Video Editor Mac, with which, you can edit Sony HDR video on mac os x with its basic video editing features.

Doremisoft Sony HDR Video Converter Mac supports the following Sony Handycam HDR AVCHD Camcorder Models:

Sony HDR-CX550Sony HDR-CX550VSony HDR-SR1Sony DCR-SR5
Sony HDR-SR7Sony HDR-SR8Sony HDR-SR11Sony HDR-SR12
Sony HDR-UX1Sony HDR-UX7Sony HDR-UX20Sony HDR-CX110E
Sony HDR-CX115ESony HDR-CX116ESony HDR-CX150ESony HDR-CX155E
Sony HDR-CX300ESony HDR-CX305ESony HDR-CX350ESony HDR-CX11E
Sony HDR-CX12Sony HDR-CX100ESony HDR-CX105ESony HDR-CX106E
Sony HDR-CX11Sony HDR-CX12Sony HDR-CX100Sony HDR-CX500
Sony HDR-CX500VSony HDR-CX520Sony HDR-CX520VSony HDR-CX500E
Sony HDR-CX350VESony HDR-CX500VESony HDR-CX505VESony HDR-CX520E
Sony HDR-CX520VESony HDR-CX550ESony HDR-CX550VESony HDR-SR1E

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