How to record/capture/shoot video with Pinnacle Studio 15?
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How to record/capture/shoot video with Pinnacle Studio 15?

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Pinnacle Studio 15 was released in February 2011, is a non-linear video editing software application manufactured by Pinnacle Systems and the ability to capture digital and analogue video , Compared with Studio 14, Studio 12, Studio 11, Studio 10, new feature is included : reintegration of SmartSound quick tracks ,Archive/Restore, DivX Plus HD (.MKV) Support, Better AVCHD support, Intel Media SDK integration, plus new added content such as more effects, more transitions from Hollywood FX and a greater variety of menus.

About the Question: I've purchased a brand new HP Media Center PC, fully loaded for creating and editing video, but have not been able to get Pinnacle Studio 15 to successfully create a functional DVD. I've been pleased with the program's ability to capture and edit video, but none of the 15 DVDs.

As we known, Pinnacle Studio 15 has a very useful feature called Smart Capture which enables to capture low-resolution preview videos. You can capture DV video in very low quality format, edit it and when its time to produce your movie the program recaptures the necessary footage automatically from the original DV tapes (based on time code) in full resolution.

Note that capture operation is identical whether you shot your footage in 16:9 or 4:3 mode. However, the first video you insert into the project determines the aspect ratio that Studio uses for that project. In addition, Studio won't let you capture 16:9 and 4:3 footage from the same tape into the same project. Studio's Capture Album does have the ability to display 16:9 and 4:3 footage at the proper aspect ratios. The SmartCapture in Pinnacle Studio 15 is very user friendly and quite easy to use, and below is a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Guidance: How to record/capture/shoot video with Pinnacle Studio 15?


Connect the Device to Your Computer

Before you can choose your capture format in Pinnacle Studio, you first need to properly connect your device to the computer. Connect the DV device on to your computer making sure that the cables are properly in place.

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Capturing the DV Video

To capture the DV video, just click the Capture tab which will bring you to the Capture mode of Pinnacle Studio. When you are in the Capture mode, a Camcorder Controller should appear.

The Camcorder Controller just mimics the controls in your camcorder to help you manipulate your camcorder without actually using the device itself. You can also use the Controller to move the DV tape in the camera to the desired starting point.


Opening the SmartCapture

To go to the SmartCapture option, go to the Capture Format tab which is located on the Studio Setup Options dialog box on the upper-left corner. From this dialog box, look for the Setup menu located at the top of monitor. You will find several tabs on this window. Click Capture Format and then choose SmartCapture.


Selecting the Preview Quality Capture

You can now select the Preview Quality Capture. On the Diskometer, you will find 3 Capture format options: DV full-quality capture, MPEG full-quality capture and preview-quality capture. Click the button on the right side of the Preview-quality capture.


Capturing the Video

Once you are done, you can now start capturing. To do this, click the Start Capture button on the Diskometer. The Capture Video dialog box will now open and from here you can customize how you want Studio to capture your DV video.

Tips:In this dialog box, you can type in a new file name for your video. You can also set the time as to when you want Studio to stop capturing the video in minutes and seconds if you prefer not to capture the entire video.

When you are done, click the Start Capture button. After you have clicked the Start Capture button, it will change to Stop Capture. The Pinnacle Studio will then capture your video using the preview-quality capture format.


Stopping the Capture

If you prefer not to set the time as to when Pinnacle Studio will stop capturing the video, you can always manually stop the capture process. To do this, just click the Stop Capture button on the Diskometer or press ESC.

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