Best FLV Converter convert video to FLV and convert FLV to video
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Best FLV Converter convert video to FLV and convert FLV to video

November 19, 2013 6:31 pm / Posted by to Web Tips and Tricks
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If you have a Flash Player on your computer, you might be used to the FLV format. This is the video format commonly used to stream video online. The advantages of FLV videos include small file sizes, excellent compression, and fast performance when streamed online. If you have videos you want to share, you might want to convert them to FLV format. With the Doremisoft FLV Video Converter, it is easy to convert video to FLV format.

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Most Flash Players support other video types, including MP4. This is a common video format, so you might want to consider using that. Before you start to convert video FLV format, you want to organize all of your videos. You can transfer videos from an iPad, camcorder, or digital camera on to your computer. Once they are there, you can give your videos a distinct name so you know what each one is.

After you organize your videos, open up the Doremisoft FLV Converter for Windows7. You will be prompted to select a video you want to convert. Using Doremisoft FLV Video Converter, you can convert video to FLV format or MP4 format or convert FLV files to formats you might use on your iPad or television. After you select your video, you can choose the output format. Doremisoft has a menu that lists all of your device and potential formats. From here, you can select which format you want. Remember, FLV videos don't take up much space. That is one of the advantages of converting video to FLV.

convert flv to video and convert video to flv with flv Video Converter

After you select your output, you may choose to edit your video. Depending on your needs, you can adjust the size of the frame or the length of the video. If you only want to stream a small part of the video online, you can make that adjustment here. You also have the option of adding special effects to the video. Doremisoft FLV Converter has simple tools that help you edit your videos to meet your needs.

Now that your video is edited, it is time to start converting. All you have to do is hit one button to start the process. You have the choice of automatically opening the file or shutting down your computer after the process is complete. Depending on how big the video is, you may want to automatically shut down after the process. Once the conversion is complete, your video is ready stream online. If you converted an FLV video to a different format, you can connect your device and transfer the file.

If you want to add video to website, doremisoft video to flash converter will be your first choice which can generate a html webpage embedded with flash video. You don't need any knowledge of actionscript or programming.

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