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How to Convert MOD to FCE on Mac

November 19, 2013 6:31 pm / Posted by to Cameras/Camcorders
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Many digital camcorders like the JVC Everio, the Canon FS100 and the Panasonic D-Snap SD-card camcorders used MOD video file format as the recording format. These MOD camcorders model using MOD files to record are listed at the following:

 JVC MOD camcorders
GZ-MC100 (SD), GZ-MC200 (SD), GZ-MG30 (HDD), GZ-MG70 (HDD), GZ-MG130 (HDD), GZ-MG155 (HDD), GZ-MG175 (HDD, SD/SDHC card), GZ-MG255 (HDD), GZ-MG555 (HDD, SD/SDHC card), GZ-MG7230 (30 GB HDD, MicroSD), GZ-MG37 (HDD), GZ-MG77 (HDD), GZ-MG505 (HDD, SD/SDHC card), GZ-MS100U (SD/SDHC card), GZ-MG630 (60 GB HDD, MicroSD), GZ-MG670 (80 GB HDD, MicroSD), GZ-MG680 (120 GB HDD, MicroSD)

Panasonic MOD camcorders
SDR-S50 (SD/SDHC/SDXC card), SDR-T50P, SDR-T55P (SD/SDHC/SDXC card, internal flash), SDR-H85P (SD/SDHC/SDXC card, hard drive), SDR-S26 (SD/SDHC card), SDR-SW21 (SD/SDHC card), SDR-SW20 (SD/SDHC card), SDR-S7 (SD/SDHC card), SDR-H20 (HDD, SD/SDHC card), SDR-H60 (HDD, SD/SDHC card), SDR-S10 (SD/SDHC card), SDR-H18 (HDD, SD card), SDR-H200 (HDD, SD/SDHC card), SDR-S150 (SD/SDHC card), SDR-S100 (SD card), SV-AV100 (SD card)

Canon MOD Camcorders
FS200 (SDHC), FS21 (SDHC), FS22 (SDHC), FS100 (SDHC), FS10 (SDHC), FS11 (SDHC)

With Final Cut Express 4, you can edit footage captured in such popular video formats as DV, HDV, and AVCHD. Thus, if you want to edit mod files with Final cut express out of the above MOD camcorders, you should need a MOD to Final Cut Express Converter to convert mod to fce compatible format.

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Doremisoft Mac Video Converter is also an excellent Mac MOD to FCE converter, with this application, converting MOD to FCE on Mac is very easy with the following three intuitive steps:


Add MOD videos

Click the "Add File" button to select the MOD videos you want to import to FCE from your hard drive.

add mod files


Select a FCE compatible output format

Click the arrow to the very right of the Profile field and to left of the Settings button, and you will see the Profile down-up list. Move your mouse pointer to “HD Video”, and from the “HD Video” profiles, click on a supported format by Final Cut Express, such as DV.

set dv as output format for fce


Edit MOD videos with Doremisoft Mac MOD Converter (Optional)

If you are a beginner and you just want do make some simple editing such as adjusting video contrast/brightness/saturation, trimming video length, cropping video etc, Doremisoft Mac video converter itself can do it for you: Adjust MOD video effects - Click the “Edit” button on the main interface, and click the “Effect” tab, and you will see the Edit window and start to adjust video contrast, brightness and saturation. You can even select a special video effect to apply to your MOD to FCE video.


Convert MOD to FCE

The final step: Click on the big Start button to start the conversion of MOD to FCE. By default, the folder where the converted files are saved will be opened right after the conversion. And now, you can just launch Final Cut Express,and add the converted files to start edit them.

convert mod to final cut express

Video Converter for Mac

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