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Convert/Import M4V to iMovie with the Best M4V to iMovie Converter

November 21, 2013 3:04 pm / Posted by to Video Editing
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Problem 1: How to import an .m4v file (made in handbrake) into iMovie?
I was told that if I wanted to edit my DVD I had to convert it first with Handbrake, so I used Handbrake to convert my DVD and it became an .m4v file. But in Imovie I can't import that file, nor can I drag it from my deskboard into iMovie. Any suggestion what to do?

Problem 2: .m4v video won't import to iMovie
Handbrake ripped a personal video to .m4v format. iMovie doesn't recognize this file when I browse to import. Is there a work around?

Problem 3: Importing a Handbrake rip into iMovie?
I have been copying my DVD collection onto my computer using Handbrake with the AppleTV preset. For two movies, 21 and The Da Vinci Code, Handbrake had a tough time copying them at first and both movies play the first minute of the movie and then start over from the beginning. The movie is fine after that. Why am I not able to import these into iMovie'09? And if I can, would I be able to cut out the first minute of both of these files?

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Doremisoft Mac Video Converter, the best M4V to iMovie Converter, can help you to convert M4V to iMovie MOV or iMovie MP4 easily, and M4V to iMovie Converter supports iMovie 08, iMovie 09, iMovie 11 versions. M4V to iMovie Converter will be the best assisting software for you to edit M4V files with iMovie if your source file is in .m4v format. Note: If you want to import DVD movies into iMovie, you don't need to rip DVD movies with Handbrake before importing them into iMovie. You just rip DVD into iMovie supported video with Doremisoft DVD Converter Mac.

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Follow the below step-by-step tutorial on how to convert M4V to iMovie on Mac:


Import M4V videos

Add M4V files by clicking the “Add File” button to browse your Mac hard disc. You can add as many files as you wish for its batch model.


Select the right output format

Choose the iMovie MP4 as your output format.

M4V to imovie


Do Video & Audio Settings

Click "Settings" button and in the settings window, change video bitrate, frame rate, audio bitrate, sample rate, channel.


Convert M4V to iMovie

Click "START" button to begin converting M4V to MP4 for iMovie. The output folder will be automatically opened when the conversion is finished.

M4V to imovie conversion

Video Converter for Mac

Video Converter for Mac, the best Mac Video Converter, is designed to convert among videos like MP4, MOV, MPEG-1, MPEG-4, H.264, DV, MTS, MOD, MKV, etc on Mac

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