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How to Convert MOV to Windows Movie Maker

November 19, 2013 6:31 pm / Posted by to Video Conversion
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Recently when I walked around the forums, I found that many people were confused by almost the same question like the one below:

"Hi all, my camera makes .mov video files. I want to import them in Windows Movie Maker but it says the format is not supported. After a search on internet, I found the K-lite pack: k-lite-mega-codec-pack_k-lite_mega_codec_pack_9.7.5_anglais_35535. I installed it, and it is successfully installed, but when I try again to import .mov in WMM, the same error message appears again. I don't know anything about codecs, etc. Could someone help me? --- Henri"

Well here, the question is how to import MOV to Windows Movie Maker, or how to edit MOV files on Windows Movie Maker. You may be told that it is because of the codecs, and you’ve been tired of being busy finding MOV codec for Windows Movie Maker or trying any possible way out finding nothing to work. Well, as far as I know, Windows Movie Maker does not support MOV files, but there’s nothing to do with any codec or K-Lite Mega/Full Codec. It is because of the format compatibility!

Note that the Windows Movie Maker can only recognize video files in .asf, .avi, .wmv, .mpeg, .mpg file format, so the only way to figure this problem out is to convert your .MOV to .AVI or .MPG, then try to re-import in Windows Movie Maker, or you can just use another video editing software like Adobe Premiere to edit your MOV files. Suppose that you don’t have any other video editors but Windows Movie Maker, here we will show you the easiest way to convert MOV to Windows Movie Maker. The solution here is provided by Doremisoft Video Converter (Video Converter for Mac).

First download the MOV to Windows Movie Maker Converter provided by Doremisoft, and then follow the steps below to launch the conversion.

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Add source MOV files to the converter

Set up and run the program, and then load the original MOV videos to it by clicking "Add Files" icon on the main interface. Note that batch conversion is allowed, so you can add several MOV clips to the program and convert all of them at one time with easy clicks.

add mov files


Customize the output videos

Hit the "Convert to" menu bar and the output format drop-up list will appear. Directly choose the preset "Movie Maker (*.avi)" output option from the "Win Application" tab to set the output video format.

set output format

Trim the video (optional)
If you only need certain part of the video, you can trim the imported video by using the "Trim" function. There are three ways for you to trim video:
a. Set start time and end time on the boxes directly;
b. Move the sliders to set start and end time;
c. Hit the brackets to set start and end time;

After setting start and ending time, you can preview the trim video and adjust a little if necessary. And you can merge all trimmed clips.

trim video


Start to convert MOV to Windows Movie Maker

Once you've finished all the settings, you can then press the big blue "START" button on the bottom right to launch the conversion. Thereafter, you can hit "Open" icon to open the output folder to locate the converted videos. Now you can easily import the converted MOV to Windows Movie Maker for seamless editing.

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