How to Play 1080 P MKV Videos on Xbox One
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How to Play 1080 P MKV Videos on Xbox One

February 21, 2014 9:32 am / Posted by to Mobile Phones & Game Consoles
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1."Does Xbox One Play MKV Video Files? Since my Blu-rays / DVDs take up some space I decided to convert them down to MKV. So I was wondering if Xbox One is able to play MKV video files?" - PhilMarck from

2."I have an HD MKV video on my network drive that I am trying to stream to my Xbox One MP4 format, so I can watch the show in my living room. Problem is any time I convert it the audio doesn't work. I am using VLC to convert it. If anyone has any tips on what to do to the audio file to get it to work when converting it I would greatly appreciate it." -- elvindiver03 from xboxoneforums

As the next-generation console of Microsoft, the Xbox One is a perfect entertainment device which brings many things in place. What's the most interesting thing about the One is that, it supports MKV playback, as Microsoft claimed. But, don't halloo before you can actually make it. You know, MKV is a video container with many different audio and video codecs stored within, while the Xbox One has certain codecs it can NEVER open. This is just a proof of concept, showing that the Xbox One can play MKV files under the right circumstances.

In view of what mentioned above, the answer to the first question is: Yes, Xbox One can play some MKV files, but to make all MKV acceptable, it is suggested to do the conversion with the help of third-party software - 1080p MKV to Xbox One converter. Like No.2 question described, when using VLC to convert MKV to Xbox One compatible format MP4, one will experience issues, i.e, audio doesn't work. Therefore, in order to play any MKV files on Xbox One flawlessly, we had better use Doremisoft Mac Video Converter (Video Converter for Windows), a versatile program which can serve as 1080p MKV to Xbox One converter, specializing in converting MKV to Xbox One most friendly MPEG-4 H.264 format without any mistakes. Now, please refer to the following guidelines to check out how to play 1080p MKV on Xbox One smoothly.

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Load MKV Source File to the App

First and foremost, please download the video converter for Mac, after installing it onto your Mac, run the program. After that, you can select the source MKV file and use the drag-n-drop method to load it into the app. Alternatively, you can also click "Add Files" button to achieve the goal.

add file


Set HD MPEG-4 H.264 as the Output Format

When clicking the "Profile" button, you will get a format list which consists of many popular video formats. In order to play 1080p MKV video on Xbox One with original video quality kept, you should choose "HD Video" > "HD MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 (*.mp4)" from the "Format" tray.

set output format

Tips: Click the "settings" button, you are allowed to customize the parameters of the output file including resolution, frame rate and bitrate if needed.



Launch the Conversion

Some easy-to-use editing features are provided by the 1080p MKV to Xbox One converter. You can use them to polish the source MKV file as you like. After finishing, click the "Start" button to launch the conversion. Roughly, the conversion will be done in a few minutes. You will find the converted files in the default location once the conversion's done.

begin to convert

FINAL NOTES: different from the Xbox 360, Xbox One has no concept of what a USB storage device is, which means, we can't simply transfer contents into it via a flash drive. However, we can use Skydrive to get the job done. All we should do is to get a free Skydrive account, then upload the desired media files to the Skydrive, and it will be played through the Skydrive app on the Xbox One smoothly.

Video Converter for Mac

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